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Hongkong – Macau: Ferry

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Instead of flying from Hong Kong to Macau why don’t you travel by sea riding Hongkong’s Turbojet. The ferry terminal is located in Shun Tak Centre. The fare is only per person is HKD$151 Day/ HKD$174 Night.



Ferry Schedule


Here is the ticketing booth.

 I recommend you to buy a round trip ticket in advance because it’s cheaper. We are on a rush that time and the schedule on the ticketing booth doesn’t match our plans and so we decided to buy on sellers beside the booth.

Note: If you are on a rush, there are people beside the ticketing booth selling tickets you can also buy from them. Don’t worry it is safe and they are authorize to sell tickets.


All Set!


waiting for the gates to open


The immigration hall after here you will proceed to the ferryImage

You’re inside already! Here are the comfortable seats of the Turbojet


Welcome to Macau! Enjoy!

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