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My Travel Gears

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My Travel Gears

a – Travel Backpack Bag

This is your travel buddy. Make sure it is lightweight and can carry all your necessities. You’re gonna carry this bag the whole time of your trip.

b – Clothes, Shorts, Boxers, Socks etc.

Consider the type of clothes you gonna wear.I prefer light colored shirts to protect you from sweating under the heat of the sun.

c – wrist-watch

This is an Itinerary dictator. It is very useful in determining what you should do next.

d – Smartphone

A versatile gadget might help you lessen your stuff. I recommend to input everything in your phone especially the itinerary , things to do, and it will serve as your guide. It can also be your handy camera. Don’t forget the charger and the memory card.

e – Mobile Power Bank

Low battery is never an option if you have this on your bag. You don’t need to go back to the hotel to charge your phone because your power bank will charge your phone straight from your bag.

f – DSLR

The reason for you to travel is to bring home the memories you experienced in your trip. Make sure to bring large capacity memory cards. I recommend you bring more than one card to secure the photos/videos. Don’t forget to bring a charger and extra batteries.

G – Running shoes/lightweight Barefoot type shoes

I prefer you bring lightweight type shoes because the whole trip your gonna wear it. Make sure it is comfortable.

h – Toiletries and Bag

You should always be hygienic all the time. This small stuff will refresh you whenever you need it.

I – Plastic Bag

You should always be prepared because part of an adventure is getting wet. This might be helpful in sealing your clothes after getting wet on a theme park or just from sweating.

J – Cap and Sunglasses

These are useful and will serve as a protection under the heat of the sun.

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