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Budget Travelling

They always say that to travel is to spend more. That perspective is not applicable if you know the real meaning of travelling. Travelling is not all about waiting for the trip and to relax. It takes a lot of preparation. First of all you consider the spot or the place where you want to unwind and be part of. Next you research on the culture and how the locals move. With that it can help you identify the dos and donts in a certain city. Know your itinerary very well. Book transportation online and where to stay in advance to avoid problems.

ImageGetting a tourist guide and travel packages are okay, but choosing not to can help you save a lot and you can even travel to your desired spot at your own time. Research is important or might as well ask for guidance from Travelizine. All my trips and itineraries are considered as “Budget Travelling”. I’m willing to help and happy to be part of your adventure